My new paper is out @ Systematic Biology!

The new paper from my PhD dissertation is finally out! In this study, we used computational simulations of phylogenies under different diversity decline scenarios to test for the performance of two recently developed, widely used methods for estimating diversification rates from molecular phylogenies. We found that both BAMM and RPANDA estimate well both speciation and extinction rates at the present, but the further one goes to the past the worse the estimates are. Also, both methods detect true variation in speciation rates, but they fail to detect variation in extinction rates. Lastly, estimates from both methods for empirical phylogenies mostly disagree on values and patterns, highlighting the limitations of both methods. This study was the result of the second chapter of my PhD dissertation.

You can find the paper in this link. Write me an e-mail in case you don’t have access to the PDF!

Gustavo Burin
Leverhulme Postdoctoral Fellow

My research interests include macroevolution, macroecology and species interactions.

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